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The Community Health Initiative of Kern County, a program of Dignity Health, is a community partnership working to provide uninsured individuals and families access to comprehensive health insurance. Since 2004, the once, Children’s Health Initiative has succeeded in providing health insurance to 1400 children through the Healthy Kids Program. Since the changes the Affordable Care Act has brought forth, our community outreach efforts has expanded to all community members and has resulted in a enrollment of many families into programs such as Medi-Cal or an affordable health insurance plan through Covered California.

We are constantly searching for new sources to continue to fund and expand the services we provide to children and families in our community. There is still a great need within our community, thousands of individual in Kern County are without health coverage.


The goal of the Community Health Initiative (CHI) of Kern County is that all uninsured human beings living in Kern County will have:

  • Access to comprehensive health insurance.
  • The means to establish a stable medical and dental home, where they can be seen consistently in a preventive health model.
  • Health insurance education and be able to utilize their health insurance.
  • Parents and caregivers who can honor their responsibility to provide health care for their own children.