May 28th, 2015 by Marcom Group

This young woman made several attempts to apply for health insurance through Covered California on her own with little success. She decided to use the “Find help near you” feature which led her to our office. She was able to easily contact us and make an appointment so we could assist her with her application. Marie is only 19 years old but does not live at home with her parents and fully supports herself. Unfortunately, her job doesn’t provide her enough hours to offer health insurance or to even cover any medical expenses that occur. She stated that every time she would get sick she would take a trip to Rite Aid and just buy any over the counter medication, which many times wouldn’t even help her feel better. She also stated that when she would feel really sick she would just try to stay home hoping it would just pass since she couldn’t afford to pay for any doctor or emergency room visits, even less after she missed work with no pay. Once we completed the application and she qualified for Medi-cal, she was so overjoyed with the news.“I’m young, but I’m not always healthy. Stomach aches, colds, sometimes you just can’t prevent them.”Now that she is covered she can’t wait to make her first doctor’s appointment and schedule a physical.

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